Can You Afford Damage of Speed?


Content has turned into a buzzword among bloggers and website developers. Seems like everybody is talking about it. Imagine you have a ready website and high-quality content for your readers and customers. You have everything to hook visitors and keep up their engagement. But have you considered how content would be delivered? Are you sure that visitors will be able to get this content the best possible way?

The thing is that it’s not enough just to create content. Yes, customers love video, podcasts and post, but how would they reach it? Deliverability is what also matters. Practice shows that content is not worth, if it can’t be delivered in a high quality way.

You can make top-notch quality video to impress your customers, but they won’t be impressed, desperately trying to download it. Besides, they will be discontent, if download speed is terribly low, or images are jittery. Some videos are delivered in a jumpy format that is almost impossible to watch.

Why that happens? Most businesses take care of their content and how it looks, but they ignore the way it is supposed to be delivered. Websites hosted in a single location often turn out to be slower and less responsive, especially when customers are located far away from it.

It’s vital that Sales and Marketing start to give more consideration to ensuring that content is delivered in a consistent, fast and reliable way. Otherwise, it’s their bottom line that will suffer. Looking ahead, more and more businesses will be relying on Content Delivery Networks to deliver their content.

A CDN (content delivery network) uses several servers scattered around the globe to distribute content to many users in a reliable and fast manner. This is a simple and ingenious solution. Learn more about CDN and its basics:

All in all, use of CDN sets your mind in piece. You know that your content is not created ideally, it will be delivered as it deserves to be: at lightning speed and quality of connection.


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